Modern research increasingly relies on the incorporation of innovative technologies and collaborative work.

The core facilities play an important role in addressing those challenges by offering the community of scientists from various disciplines access to specialized expertise and cutting-edge technologies. 

To achieve this goal, IRCF establishes a national database and creates professional networks that connect experts in cores.

The IRCF website acts as a knowledge center of the core facilities in Israel: experts, equipment, services, educational activities, and contact details – aiming to make them accessible to everyone in order to promote collaborations and maximize their potential for the benefit of the entire Israeli scientific ecosystem (academia, hospitals, and industry).

The IRCF networks are multiple expertise communities of core facilities staff at the national level meant to develop the proficiency of core personnel by sharing knowledge, and expertise and developing training curricula for their own staff and for other users.


The searchable platform will enable potential users to acquaint themselves with technologies available in Israel that they may need for their research. The core facilities in IRCF are generally open to users with a service charge and accessibility that is determined by each Institution’s guidelines.