• IRCF Members


IRCF members are all members of core facilities including professional staff, heads of core facilities, heads of units, technicians, and administrative staff. Every IRCF member is registered in one or more professional networks.


  • IRCF Networks


The IRCF has established multiple expertise networks with the goal of advancing the proficiency of core personnel and enabling accessibility to the available technologies.


The networks serve as the conduit for training, standardization and facilitating capacity sharing to promote inter-institutional cooperation through fulfillment of the following topics:


  1. A centralized database of core equipment and key technological experts will be created to facilitate access to cores.
  2. Training and e-Training programs will be offered to technology providers to upgrade their expertise and knowledge throughout the country through sponsored courses.
  3. Training and e-Training programs will also be provided to core users through courses, workshops, and automated instructional programs to train users and promote more efficient use of infrastructure.
  4. Protocol sharing and standardization will be implemented to facilitate inter-institutional and extra-academic collaboration and to promote the diversification of core services.
  5. A kick-off continuum will be established to provide users with seamless access to multiple inter-institutional platforms.
  6. Capacity sharing will be encouraged to optimize the use of infrastructure through inter-institutional and extra-academic use.
  7. Forums for discussing new technologies and platforms for testing new technologies will be provided, as well as assistance in filling vacancies through head hunting.


The networks can be accessed at https://israel-cores.org/Networks by registered IRCF members.