IRCF is launching a new initiative - the “Ad Hoc Brainstorm Committee”. As part of this initiative, potential clients from academic institutions or private companies can approach us with inquiries related to their research, such as determining the most suitable analytical method for their experimental question and identifying the center that can provide such a service.

These inquiries will be directed to all core facility managers who have the potential to provide an answer. A Zoom meeting will be arranged, during which the inquirer will present the question and request input from the participants - scientists in relevant fields from potential service providers. The goal of the free-of-charge meeting is to provide initial consultation to enable the inquirer to make an informed decision about which center can best address their needs.

Please email your inquiries to info@israel-cores.org with the subject line “Ad Hoc Brainstorm Committee”, along with a brief description of the context and your experimental question.